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Summit County
Public Shooting Range

  • Aerial View of Range
  • 50 Yard Pistol/Rimfire Range
  • 100 Yard Rifle Range
  • Shotgun/Trap Range
  • Busy Range Day


The Summit County Shooting Range is located between Dillon and Keystone, Colorado. The street address is:

639 County Rd. 66
Dillon, CO 80435

Please click here for maps and complete directions.


The hours for the range are

  • April-October: 7:00 AM till 8:00 PM
  • November-March: 7:00 AM till 5:00 PM

Please check the "Range News" box to the right for potential range closures before you go. You can also sign up for email notifications so you will receive an email notice of when the range will be closed.

The RSO Calendar not only shows when a volunteer NRA-Certified Range Safety Officer (RSO) will be on duty, but also shows you when the range will be closed and when SRA Board meetings are scheduled.


Donation VaultThere is no fee to use the range. It is provided as a community service by Summit County and is maintained by volunteers. The range is typically not staffed. Volunteer NRA-certified Range Safety Officers may be assisting with safe range operations at certain times. Check out the RSO Calendar to see their schedule.

You can help keep this range free to use by helping out with a small donation either here on the website or in the donation receptacles at either end of the range.

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Facilities / Target Stands

There are limited facilities at range. There is now a porta-potty, but there is no running water or electricity. Take note before planning your day at the range.

There are three separate ranges at this facility: 1) 50 Yard Pistol/Rimfire Range, 2) 100 Yard Centerfire Rifle Range, and 3) a Trap Range. Targets bases and stands are provided on the 50 and 100 Yard ranges. Please see the Targets Page for complete information on selecting and mounting targets at this range.

Clay throwerThe trap range is equipped with simple throwers. However, they may not be functional or may be busy when you arrive, so consider bringing your own thrower just in case.

Range Layout

The Summit County Shooting Range is divided into four separate areas as shown here.

The area in red is for law enforcement use only and is not available for public use.

The green area is designated for handguns (and rimfire rifles). The maximum range is about 48 yards.

Aerial View of Summit County Shooting RangeThe blue area is the only range that supports center-fire rifles. This includes .223 and 5.56mm rifles. The maximum range is about 110 yards. Please do not bring 50 caliber and larger centerfire rifles to the range as the backstop is not currently designed to safely absorb the energy from these rounds.

Finally, the yellow area is set aside for shotgun use. Only shotguns (and shotshell pistols) are allowed on the shotgun range. Pistol or rifle shooting on the shotgun range is not permitted.

Facility Rules and Regulations

As described on the Targets Page, you may only mount and shoot at paper, cardboard, and commercial reusable stationary targets. Range rules now have the force of law and are punishable by fines and/or expulsion from the range. The Summit County Sheriff's Office is patrolling the range frequently. In addition, NRA-certified Range Safety Officers may be on duty.

Please see the Rules and Regulations page prior to visiting the range. You can also download and print the Range Brochure (pdf) which also provides the rules and regulations in a compact, 2-page form you can throw in your shooting bag.

Facility Operations and Maintenance
Rifle Range viewed from above the berm.

The rifle range viewed from atop the berm. The Ten Mile Range is in the background.

The Summit County Shooting Range is managed, maintained, and equipped by the users of the range. There are little or no regular government funds set aside for cleanup, upkeep, target frames, etc. This means that you are the management. You are the keeper of the range.

The appearance of this range reflects on the firearms owners of Summit County. Please be responsible in cleaning up your trash. Please dispose of the spent-target waste (splintered frames, paper, etc.) before you leave. If a trash can is full, go ahead and dump it into the dumpster so the next visitor will have a place to put trash.

Try and leave the range a little nicer than when you arrived.

You are required to clean up your brass or spent shell casings. Bring a broom and dustpan to help make this easier. Place your empty ammo boxes and used targets in the dumpster or the provided trash cans.

The range is periodically closed for cleanup and maintenance. Sign up for email notifications so you can avoid arriving at a closed range...or so you can volunteer to help keep this range looking great!

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About This Page

This web page is produced by the Summit Range Association which helps operate and maintain the range.  This range is on land owned by Summit County and is a public facility.