The range provides free targets in any of the three newspaper dispensers located behind the firing lines. These are white boxes marked "FREE TARGETS; TAKE ONE".

Free Targets

Free Targets

The range provides free targets in any of the three newspaper dispensers located behind the firing lines.
These are white boxes marked “FREE TARGETS; TAKE ONE”.

Donations help make these free targets available.  Please considering making a donation.

Other Allowed Targets

You can use these free targets, or you can bring your own. Allowed targets include paper, cardboard, or ‘reusable stationary targets that are manufactured and sold for the purpose of target shooting’. An example of the latter is a spinning gong that remains stationary on the ground.

Forbidden Targets

The easiest way to remember what you cannot shoot at the range is to re-read the paragraph above. If it is not paper, cardboard, or a reusable stationary target, it is not allowed at the range.

Examples of what you cannot shoot at the range include, but are not limited to:

  • Produce and Vegetables (this includes pumpkins)
  • Appliances, Electronics, and Furniture
  • Cans and Bottles
  • Reactionary Targets (see examples shown at right)
  • Clay Pigeons (except on the Trap Range)
  • Incendiary or explosive targets (such as Tannerite)

Bringing and shooting any target that is not specifically allowed at the range is a violation of County Ordinance as set forth by the Summit County Board of Commissioners in Resolution No. 2012-39.

Mounting Your Target

The range normally provides target stands, backers, and frames. However, sometimes the stands and backers may be in short supply and not available when you arrive at the range. In this case, you will want to bring your own for the most flexibility and least surprises.

While staplers and staples are typically available from the range when an RSO is on duty, you should consider bringing your own stapler and staples in case an RSO is not on duty.

Range-Supplied Stands, Frames, and BackersRange-Supplied Stands, Frames, and Backers

The target supports and backers provided by the range are shown at the right. You can attach your target to this rubber backer using a staple gun or duct tape. There is a duct tape dispenser provided at the range (behind the 100 Yard Range firing line on the side of the RSO container). You can also use large clips/clamps or self-adhesive targets. Just be aware that the wind can be strong at times.

These re-bar frames can be lifted from the base and placed into another base at a different range if desired. Typically, only one stand is provided per shooting bench.

Please do not shoot these re-bar target frames! Intentionally doing so may be considered vandalism.

Placing Gongs and Other Allowed Stationary Targets

Placing Gongs and Other Allowed Stationary TargetsThe ground beneath the range is very hard. It is highly compacted asphalt and clay. Stomping or driving a spinning gong-type target into the ground does not normally work.

One approach you can use is shown to the right. Simply take four scraps of 2×4 or similar lumber and screw them together in a square. Drill two holes at the spacing of your stationary target and then insert your target into the stand.

Be sure and make your stand long enough to support the hit of a round without flipping over.

If you still have questions regarding allowable targets and how to mount them, please email the Rangemaster.

Trap (Clay) Thrower

The range is equipped with four 3/4 Turn Lincoln Traps Model SC-90e clay throwers. These are a 3/4 Turn design – different from most throwers you find in the store. Directions for using this thrower are slightly different than the other throwers on the range. It is cocked in a counter-clockwise direction using only 1/4 of a turn as shown below. Click the picture to view a PDF showing how to use these throwers.

Trap (Clay) Thrower

Step 1

Cock the arm by turning in a counter-clockwise direction.

Trap (Clay) Thrower

Step 2

Insert the clay bird on the top arm resting between the rail and spring finger.

Trap (Clay) Thrower

Step 3

While staying clear of the rack throwing arm, pull the black handle rearward.

If you find this thrower equipped with spring clips for the clays, please do not touch these clips with your hand. Simply slide the clay up between the clip and the throwing arm without bending the spring clip by hand.

The throwers with the red springs typically throw doubles better (and singles farther). The blue springs are great for beginning trap shooters.