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Summit County Public Shooting Range

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the more common questions asked and answered about the range.

Q. Do I need to contact somebody before visiting the range?

No. The range is user-operated. There are no dedicated range personnel to guide range operations. The first person at the range each day is the Range Officer, and delegates this duty to another when leaving the range.

Volunteer NRA-Certified Range Safety Officers (RSO) may be on duty at the range. Their duty schedule is posted here. They help you have an enjoyable and safe day shooting at the range. Please listen to their instructions and feel free to ask them any questions you may have.

Q. Is this range safe?

The range is only as safe as the knowledge, skill, and attitude of the range users permit. If you feel a range user is being unsafe, you can either 1) Notify the RSO if one is on duty, 2) kindly ask the unsafe range user to obey the posted rules, or 3) leave the range.

If a range user's behavior remains unsafe despite your request to follow the posted rules, please contact the Summit County Sheriff's Office using their dispatch number at 970-668-8600.

Q. Who is that person wearing the yellow vest and hat?

That is a volunteer, trained and certified NRA Range Safety Officer (RSO). Their directions and commands have the force of law on the range. Please understand they are there for your safety and the safety of fellow shooters and spectators. They will help open/close the range for target changes when the range is busy, and will monitor shooters to ensure they are following the posted range rules. If they ask you to keep your muzzle pointed down-range, please understand they are just trying to help keep the range safe!

If you would like to provide feedback on your experience with an RSO on duty, you can  and you will receive a response.

If you have any questions at all about the range, feel free to ask the RSO. They might also be able to help if you have forgotten something in your range bag or have a pesky stoppage/jam that you need help safely clearing.

If you want to know when an RSO will be on duty, check the RSO Calendar for updates.

Q. Is the range open year round?

Yes. However, it may be somewhat difficult to access following a heavy snow. There are also periodic closures taking place due to construction. Please refer to the Range Calendar for planned closure dates.

The range hours are:

  • April 1st to October 31st: 7am to 7pm weekdays; 8am to 5pm Sat. & Sun.
  • November 1st to March 31st: 8am to 5pm weekdays; 8am to 5 pm Sat. & Sun.

Q. I have some mobility issues. Is the range ADA accessible?


The range is moving in that direction. When you arrive at the range, you will see steps by the first green gate. However, if you continue to the end of the road (on the east end of the range), there is a new gate, marked parking, and an entrance which is wheelchair accessible.

If you need to bring a handicapped licensed or placarded vehicle up to the shooting positions, please  and arrangements will be made to ensure there is someone there to unlock and open the vehicle gate for you when you arrive. This will allow you to unload and setup right next to the shooting benches.


Please keep in mind that this is an outdoor shooting range in a high alpine environment. Ice, deep snow, mud, rocks, uneven surfaces and other challenging conditions may be present on and around the range. However, the Summit Range Association and the county are committed to help ensure everyone has access to this facility.

Q. I am confused! What guns can I shoot on what range?

The 50 yard range is restricted to handguns (any caliber), black powder guns (pistol or rifle). Rimfire rifles are also allowed on the 50 yard range.

Centerfire rifles must use the 100 yard range. All other firearms are also allowed on the 100 yard range except shotguns. EXCEPTION: Shotguns shooting slugs must use the 100 yard range.

No firearms except shotguns with shot shells are allowed on the shotgun range. The berms are not designed to contain bullets.

Currently, defensive shotgun practice must use the patterning board on the shotgun range. Please bring your own target frames and backers as they do not last long!

Q. What is the maximum caliber rifle I can shoot at this range?

50 caliber and larger centerfire rifles are prohibited at this range. This includes rifles chambered in .50 BMG. This is due to the number of rocks located near the 100 yard range backstop and a desire to reduce the audible signature of the range.

Q. How long is the rifle range? What is the maximum target distance?

Approximately 102 yards.

Q. Are targets provided? How about target stands?

Targets and target stands, and backers are typically provided. Please see the Targets Page for complete information on what you can use for targets and how to mount them on the range.

Q. Can I put out clay targets and shoot at them?

No. Clay targets are only allowed on the shotgun range. Please do not put clay targets out on the 50 yard and 100 yard ranges. They make a mess and are very hard to clean up. Although clays are 'biodegradable', it can take years!

Donation VaultQ. Is there a fee to use this range?

No. It is supported through county funding, brass recycling, NRA grants, state grants, the Summit Range Association, volunteer efforts and periodic county maintenance. For this reason, please leave the range a little nicer than when you arrived. Consider dropping a few dollars into the donation receptacle at the range if you enjoyed your visit. That will help keep the range looking nice for future visits.

Q. Are gun rentals available at this range?


Q. Where can I buy ammunition nearby?

Ammunition is available in Summit county from Murdoch's. A complete list of local ammunition sources can be found here. Click each link to see their location and contact information. A list of online sources of ammo can be found here.

Q. What is the weather like at this range?

Typically more windy than you might think. Layers with an external wind-proof shell work well. Current conditions are shown to the right and a local forecast is available here.

Q. Are there any days the range might be closed?

Yes - possibly. Occasionally the range is closed for volunteer clean-up efforts or maintenance. If a clean-up is in progress, you will not be able to shoot on that range.

There are also periodic closures taking place due to construction, maintenance, and special events. Please refer to the news section on the homepage or the Range Calendar for the latest updates. You can also sign up for email notifications when the range will be closed here.

At all times, please obey the RANGE OPEN/RANGE CLOSED sign on your right just beyond the scales. If this sign says "RANGE CLOSED" there may be personnel working in and around the range that you may not be able to see.

Q. What kind of shooting benches are available?

Ambidextrous shooting benchThere are several ambidextrous shooting benches on the pistol range and several on the rifle range. Please do not move the benches. There is also a wheelchair-accessible shooting bench on both the pistol and rifle ranges. These benches are designed to allow a wheelchair to turn beneath the bench for bench-rest shooting. For offhand (unsupported) shooting, a bench extension is provided to brace the wheels.

Q. Is there a clay thrower on the shotgun range I can use?

Yes, there are manual clay throwers provided. You may also bring your own thrower in case the range's throwers are busy. Please note that the use of clay targets on the 50- and 100-yard ranges is prohibited. Please see the directions for using the clay throwers.

Q. Are there bathroom facilities at the range?

Yes. There is a vault-style toilet ocated at the west-end of the shooting range (near the law enforcement range). However, there is no running water.

Q. Can I bring my old TV/stereo/printer/computer and shoot it up?

No. Doing so is now a misdemeanor crime and you can be fined and/or expelled from the range. Please see the Targets Page for complete information on what you can and cannot shoot at the range. Only paper, cardboard, and reusable stationary targets are allowed.

Q. Can I bring bottles/cans/bowling pins for targets?

No. See the answer above.

Q. I don't see anyone around. Who runs this range?

The range is operated by the Summit Range Association. This is a 501(c)(3) non-profit group of volunteers working under the direction of the Summit County Government. Volunteer NRA-certified Range Safety Officers are periodically on duty to help with safe range operation.

Q. Do I have to put my brass in the supplied buckets?

No. However, you do need to clean your brass up before you leave. You are free to keep your brass. The range uses collected brass to fund range supplies and improvements. Please do not take brass from the donation buckets as it is considered property of the Summit Range Association.

Q. Is there an archery range?

There are no provisions for archery shooting at the range. However, Summit County does have an archery range located near the Dillon Cemetery. Turn right onto the dirt road just after you turn onto Cemetery Road.

Still more questions?

If your question was not answered here, please feel free to  and we will try to get you an answer - or refer you to someone who can.


Have a great day at the range!