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2014 Rules & Regulations Update


On October 28, 2014, the Summit County Board of Commissioners approved an update to the Rules and Regulations governing the Summit County Shooting Range. These updates are refinements to the existing rules approved by the County Commissioners in 2012.

The updated rules can be found here. Below is a description of the update and the reasons for changes.

Details of the Update

  • Harmonization with the 2012 NRA Range Source Book. The NRA has developed a set of range rules that can serve as a baseline for shooting range operation. The originally approved rules come very close to meeting these baseline rules, but have some omissions and are ordered slightly differently. The draft rules are re-ordered and incorporate the NRA rules for Safe Gun Use and Storage as well as the NRA's rules for Safe Gun Handling. The original language of the existing rules has been preserved wherever possible.
  • Handguns Must Arrive Cased or Holstered. Previously, any firearm could be brought onto the range un-cased (or un-holstered). The draft rules require only handguns to arrive and depart the range cased or holstered. This will help to minimize muzzle discipline issues which can be common with handguns not on the firing line. Long guns are not affected.
  • Firearm Type and Size Restrictions Added. Based on past inquiries and observing the performance of the range to certain firearms, a type and size restriction has been added to the draft regulations. This will improve range safety and cap the audible signature of the range.
  • Explosive and Incendiary Targets Prohibited. The existing regulations prohibited explosive and incendiary ammunition. However, the issue of explosive and incendiary targets was not explicitly addressed. The draft regulations include a specific prohibition on this type of target.
  • Mobility Limited Access. The existing regulations do not allow for vehicle access to the range under any conditions. The draft regulations incorporate provisions for vehicle access for maintenance and to allow mobility-limited visitors to drive up to the firing line with prior arrangements and supervision.
  • Shooting Bench Time Limits. With the increasing use of the range, there are occasional times when all shooting benches are busy. This update limits the time one group can use a bench while others are waiting.
  • Brass Donations. The updated rules help define the ownership status of brass that has been placed in the 'donation' buckets behind the firing lines.

You can contact the  with any questions on these changes.