Range Facilities

The Summit County Shooting Range provides both residents and visitors a safe and cost effective place to enjoy the shooting sports. With dedicated pistol, rifle, and shotgun ranges, there is room to spread out and enjoy a day at the range.


This facility is managed by the all-volunteer Summit Range Association under an agreement with the Summit County Government. The range is free to use, but you are expected to help out. This means picking up your brass and trash when you are done shooting as well as knowing and obeying the range rules.

The range is patrolled by the Summit County Sheriff’s Department and may also be staffed by volunteer Range Safety Officers. Violation of the county Rules and Regulations can result in serious fines and/or revocation of range privileges.

Range Layout

Three Separate Ranges

Pistol Range

50 Yard Pistol/Rimfire Range

 Six shooting benches are available.

Rifle Range

100 Yard Rifle Range

 Seven shooting benches are available.

2014 Thrower Upgrade

Shotgun/Trap Range

The user must provide their own clay targets. Four commercial-grade throwers are provided. See the Instructions for Use. There is no ac power at the range.


The 50-Yard and 100-Yard ranges are equipped with ambidextrous shooting benches. In addition, each range has one wheelchair-accessible bench allowing seated bench-rest shooting, or chair-braced unsupported shooting.

Wheelchair-Accessible Bench
Wheelchair-Accessible Bench
Ambidextrous Bench
Ambidextrous Bench
buried target support

Range Surface

There are a number buried target supports available. These are steel box metal posts which support removeable rebar frames. There are usually more frames than stands, so feel free to move a rebar frame to your desired target location.

Key Range Rules and Regulations

Please see the complete Rules and Regulations page before visiting the range. You can also download and printout the two-page range brochure (PDF). Some of the key rules for this facility include:

  1. Paper or Commercial Reusable Stationary Targets Only. This means that targets such as glass, cans, bottles, tv’s, computers, bouncing reactionary targets, and homemade gongs are not allowed. If using a spinning/rotating gong, please make sure it is designed for the cartridge you are using.
  2. Clay Targets Are Only Allowed on the Shotgun/Trap Range: This means that you cannot place clay targets out on the 50-Yard and 100-Yard ranges for pistol/rifle practice.
  3. High Power Rifles Allowed on Rifle Range Only: You may not shoot your high power rifle on the 50-Yard pistol range or on the Shotgun/Trap range. This includes 0.223 Rem and 5.56mm cartridges. .50 BMG caliber rifles and larger are not allowed.
  4. Shotguns Are Only Allowed on the Shotgun/Trap Range: The only exception to this rule is for shotguns firing sabot/slug shells. Then the 100-Yard rifle range must be used.

Sanitary Facilities


A van-accessible handicapped parking lot is provided at the east (far) end of the range. A wheelchair-compatible shooting bench is provided on both the rifle and pistol ranges.

Handicapped Accessible Parking

ADA Parking

A van-accessible handicapped parking lot is provided at the east (far) end of the range. A wheelchair-compatible shooting bench is provided on both the rifle and pistol ranges.

Range Supervision

The range typically operates in a user-managed mode. That means that the first person to arrive is the acting Range Officer. This person delegates the Range Officer task to another before leaving.

During times of heavy range use (weekends, holidays, and some weekdays), there may be volunteer, uniformed, NRA-Certified Range Safety Officers (RSOs) supervising the range. Please listen to their instructions and follow all commands for the safety of all range users. You can find out when and RSO will be on duty by checking the RSO Calendar.

When an RSO is on duty, loaner equipment such as spotting scopes, shooting bags, and staple guns are available for use free of charge.